Zoom asks its users to update the app urgently after detecting a security breach

the tech company zoom has urgently requested its users to update the application to perform video calls after detecting a security breach in the system. As he explained to elDiario.eswhich has advanced the information, these flaws allow “a malicious actor to obtain the audio and video transmission of a meeting that he was not authorized to enter.”

This vulnerability, which Zoom has described as “high” in severity, would allow any cyber attacker to break into a private meeting without being detected by other participants, a flaw that would open the door to the theft of personal information. The company has not detailed whether it has already detected cases of cyber espionage.

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That vulnerability joins two other holes with more limited impact. Even so, the company itself has made an urgent appeal to its users to update the application of its service both in their mobile phones as in its web version, since the update patches those gaps detected by an internal Zoom team.

Users who use Zoom through the browser would not be exposed to these security holes, something that would affect users who have the service app downloaded, whether it is paid or not.


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