Zaragoza will be the international capital of chocolate

Tradition relates that chocolate finds its cradle in Aragon. the abbot of stone monasteryDon Antonio de Álvaro, received the first cocoas from Fray Jerónimo Aguilar, who was a fellow sufferer of Hernán Cortés in his Mexican conquests, back in 1534. They say that this bitter, spicy cocoa mixed with water became hot chocolate by the cup in Aragonese lands. Almost five centuries later, Zaragoza is once again a pioneer in the world of chocolate with the celebration of the first International Chocolate Show, ChocoMad 2022.

This first edition will bring together great master chocolatiers and thousands of lovers from November 11 to 13 in the Multipurpose Room of the Zaragoza Palace. Three days of health, enjoyment and pleasure around this food that dazzles all generations.

In more than 2,500 square meters exhibitors, artisans, master chocolatiers will meet who will direct ‘showcookings’, innovative ‘stands’, chocolate tastings and their pairings, as well as all the traditional expressions of chocolate. Another attraction of this event will be the sculptures made from food, like the bust of Goya that has been seen in the presentation.

This event is part of Zaragoza’s year as Ibero-American Capital of Gastronomy. In fact, as the organization points out, cocoa and chocolate are a “clear expression” of the Ibero-American union of its food and gastronomy with Spain, where the best chocolates have been made for centuries with the best cocoa harvests from Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru and other Latin American countries. “There was no better location for ChocoMad”, stand out.

This first Zaragoza International Chocolate Show was presented this Tuesday, September 13 and International Chocolate Day, as it commemorates the birth of the author of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, an iconic film that recalls the important presence of chocolate in art. The room has been presented at the Zaragoza City Council, an institution that supports the event.


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