You invent the color of your Series 1 and BMW Individual paints it for you

The maximum customization of BMW also reaches the most popular models. The BMW 1 Series and 2 Series Gran Coupé are now part of the exclusive BMW Individual family.the first personalization program of factory that the German firm launched 30 years ago.

If until now the work of this division was seen, above all, in the most expensive, large and exclusive models of the German firm, now the most popular, such as the Series 1 and Series 2 Gran Coupé They can now be customized in such a way that it is practically impossible to find two identical cars.

Although black and white colors are still more popular, the variety that can be achieved thanks to BMW Individual is endless… or almost. There are no less than 120 different color options offered for these two models. -150 for the entire range of BMW models-. 120 colors that are already incorporated into the catalog of these two models. But it can be painted in any color that the customer wants.

BMW Individual creates the color of your choice

That is, if the color you are looking for is another, in BMW Individual They can do it specifically for you. You just have to bring a sample of that color – in a photo, a piece of cloth, paper… – for the BMW laboratory to analyze it, see the composition of primary tones and create that color specifically for your car.

And the car, when the painting process arrives, leaves the assembly line, and is transferred to a special workshop so that they give it that BMW Individual finish in a different process from the rest of the models that use normal colors. A process that takes about ten weeks to deliver, but what has changed gives you a unique car… or almost.

The work to bring this program to the most popular models has required an update of the system to be able to handle special paints, with this, new paint supply systems and a new mixing area have been integrated in the workshops. This allows that each day they can paint five cars from the BMW Individual range at the Leipzig factory, which is the one that already has this service.

Because this process, in addition to creating an exclusive car in terms of color, also creates it in the way it is done, because compared to what is needed for standard finishes, some processes can no longer be carried out in an automated way and must be carried out carried out manually, in an almost artisanal way.

You can configure your BMW Individual color online

The greatest difficulty is in matte finishes, in which the process is especially long and complex, since defects cannot be treated in the conventional way used for gloss finishes. Each matte finish car takes an additional 30 minutes to prepare, for example.

The yellows, the blues, the reds and the violet tones They are already becoming the most demanded models of BMW Individual for the BMW 1 Series and 2 Series Gran Coupé in these first weeks.

To choose the special color, the whole system is already integrated into the BMW configurator from which you can decide which tone you want your car This can be done via the BMW Individual Visualizer or via the BMW World menu on page official website of the German brand.

And as for the prices, they vary between 2,241 euros and 3,547 euros (Ex-Factory Price) for these two models.

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