William, the new Prince of Wales who grew up in the spotlight

Prince William was born in 1982, the fruit of the marriage of the charismatic Lady Di and Prince Charles. Since then, raised in the bosom of the most famous royal family in the world, he has played the role of him for 40 years under the watchful eye of the cameras as “second heir” to the Crown and grandson of the queenassuming official commitments and helping Elizabeth II in her work as head of state.

Now, after the death of his grandmother, it will be Carlos who inherits the throne, a step that will reconfigure the successor line and will make William the new Prince of Wales.

This title, unlike many others, is not granted when the heir to the Crown is born. Tradition, in force since the fourteenth century, marks that it is the monarch who grants it to his successor. For the moment, Guillermo and his wife Catalina have assumed the dukedom of cornwalltitle that designates the eldest son of the reigning British monarch and that is added, in addition, to the title of Dukes of Cambridge.

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A reserved and shy prince

Guillermo’s life has been marked by the constant media coverage, the complex family relationships and the scuffles of recent years with his brother Enrique after marrying Meghan Markle, but above all, due to the death of his mother, an event that he had to face when he was only 15 years old and for which he had to ask the press to respect privacy both of him and his little brother before the media maelstrom.

Known to be reserved, shy, a lover of sports like football and oblivious to scandals, his popularity has been growing gradually over the years among the British, to the point of suggesting that it would be he who would accede to the throne and not his father. He is often compared to Diana, who made an effort to educate him freely and to transmit her involvement with the causes and social problems that characterized her.

In fact, Prince William officially presents himself as a man committed to the fight against climate change and a defender of the future of the new generations on the website of the British Royal House, where he urges “change the course” and preserve the planet ” for all mankind.” But he also looks like his father and the Windsors; he has inherited from him its more serious, traditional and formal side.

The great royal wedding that increased its popularity

His parents did not want him to undergo the strict upbringing that Prince Charles received as a child. That is why they decided that he should pursue his secondary studies in Eton Collegeone of the most prestigious educational centers and where a large part of the country’s elite have studied.

As is the tradition in the British Royal House, his resume also includes military training. He participated in British Army training in Belize and spent the final stage of his year in southern Chile as a Raleigh International volunteer.

He then graduated on December 16, 2006 as a British Army Second Lieutenant from Sandhurst Military Academy. His military training continued in 2008 in the Royal Air Force (RAF), where he graduated in April of that year, to begin a two-month training in the Navy shortly thereafter.

After staying away from the spotlight during his childhood and adolescence, he did not give his first official act – the anniversary of the end of the Second World War – until 2001, the year in which he began a Geography degree at the University of St. Andrews, in Scotland. There he would not only manage to pass his higher studies; It was where he met his future wife and mother of his three children, Catherine Middleton.

They were married in 2011 in what was listed the “wedding of the century” for the British. All the national and international media covered a ceremony with which both managed to captivate the spectators and which elevated Guillermo and Catalina as an image of reference and modernity in the eyes of the press.

An image outside the scandals

Becoming a good monarch is his goal, for which he has been training all his life. He considers himself prepared to reign in a modern and changing world in which preserve the institution of the Monarchy It is one of the priorities in the British royal family, something that the new Prince of Wales is aware of. That is why he has always tried to remain a serious figure, oblivious to the many scandals that are known in the Royal House.

Despite this, the abandonment of the royal family of Enrique and Meghan in 2021 marked a before and after in the close relationship between the two brothers, a fact that the tabloids did not let go. In an interview, Meghan Markle revealed that a family member questioned the couple’s son’s skin color and claimed that during his time with the British royal family she had suicidal thoughts. “We are not a racist family”Guillermo responded publicly. The estrangement as a result of the couple’s decision has since cornered articles and covers.

On the other hand, Prince William recently broke his restrained image and the silence around his mother. In a rare public statement, he accused the BBC of bringing about Diana’s downfall by the famous interview in 1995 in which she spoke openly about her marriage and her husband’s infidelities. She severely criticized the British public broadcaster for the mistakes made and blamed them for worsening the relationship between her parents.

“Our mother lost her life for this and nothing has changed. By protecting her legacy, we are protecting everyone and reaffirming the dignity with which she lived her life,” her brother Enrique said shortly after, in a position that suggests that Despite moving away, the axis of union between the two is still Princess Diana.


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