William, Prince of Wales praises his ‘granny’ in emotional tribute


William, the Prince of Wales, has remembered his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II in an emotional message published this Saturday by Kensington Palace.

“On Thursday the world lost an extraordinary leader, whose commitment to the country, the kingdoms and the Commonwealth was absolute. Much will be said in the coming days about the meaning of her historic reign,” the text begins. “However, I have lost my grandmother and although I will mourn the loss of her, I am also tremendously grateful,” she explained.

“I have tapped into The Queen’s wisdom well into my fifth decade. My wife has relied on her guidance and support for 20 years. My three children have vacationed with her and woven memories that will stay with them for a lifetime.” “, has added.

Guillermo also remembers that the queen “was by my side in my happiest moments.” “I knew this day would come, but it will take some time until life without my grandmother feels real.”

The new Prince of Wales has particularly remembered his “kindness”. “I thank you on behalf of my generation for setting an example of service and dignity in a public life that was from a different era, but always relevant to all of us,” he said.

“My grandmother famously said that sorrow is the price we pay for love. All the sadness that we will feel in the coming weeks is testimony to the love we felt for our extraordinary queen,” he stressed. “I will honor her memory by supporting my father, the King, in any way I can,” she added.

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