Why is Elizabeth II’s coffin lined with lead?

The coffin of Elizabeth II, in front of which hundreds of thousands of people will parade to his funeral, it is made of English oak and lined with lead and was manufactured more than 30 years ago, like that of her husband, Prince Philip, who died in April 2021, the newspaper “The Times” explained on Monday.

The London Funeral Company Leverton and Sons, responsible for the royal funeral, explained to the British newspaper four years ago that they did not know when or who had made both coffins, which were given to them in 1991 when they began to work as official suppliers of the British royal house. “It is English oak, which is very difficult to find” and very expensive, explained then its director Andrew Leverton.

Why is it lined with lead?

For centuries, kings, queens, princes and princesses have been placed in lead coffins to better preserve their bodies, reports IFL Science. The lead coating – which makes it extremely heavy for its eight carriers – makes the coffin airtight.


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