Who will take care of Queen Elizabeth’s dogs?

goodbye to queen elizabeth ii He leaves us a script that will be strictly followed during the next few days, although he also leaves several doubts on the table. It is well known that the monarch was a great animal lover, especially from the dogs that accompanied her for practically her entire life. Her first came when she was just a child and they gave her and her sister Margarita to Dookie. Three of those dogs appeared in the London Olympics short along with the queen and Daniel Craig playing James Bond, were Monty, Willow and Holly. Total, more than 30 dogs accompanied the monarchbut who will take care of the ones he currently had?

The scandals of Queen Elizabeth II of England (play)

The scandals of Queen Elizabeth II of England (play)

the queen’s dogs

Although corgis have always been associated with it, the truth is that other breeds such as Labradors, cockers or dorgis have also passed through the palace. The queen’s first corgi of her own arrived on her 18th birthday, when her father, George VI, gave Susan, probably the most special and who became the great matriarch of a lineage of royal corgis. Willow, one of those who accompanied the queen during the short with craigpassed away in 2018, being the last descendant of Susan.

The Story of Elizabeth II's Corgi Dog Dynasty (play)

The Story of Elizabeth II’s Corgi Dog Dynasty (play)

After that, the queen decided to put aside having more animals, in part because it is said that he did not want any of his corgis to survive her. However, even though that was his will, his son Andrés gave him two puppies weeks before the death of her husband, Philip of Edinburgh, Fergus and Muick, a dorgi, a mix between corgi and dachshund, the favorite breed of her sister Margaret, and a corgi. Unfortunately, Fergus died a few months after coming into his life and after the death of the Duke.

Queen Elizabeth in 1960 with her family and corgis in Scotland

Queen Elizabeth in 1960 with her family and corgis in ScotlandCord Press

It is currently known that the monarch she was still accompanied by Muick and Sandy, a cocker called Lissie, and Candy, a veteran dorgi that a few months ago, during an act for his Platinum Jubilee, he appeared by surprise in the room. “Where you come from? I know what you want, ”the monarch told her as she caressed her.

The life of Queen Elizabeth II, in pictures

The life of Queen Elizabeth II, in pictures

Who will they stay with?

What will happen to the queen’s dogs now? The exact plan of where they will go after the death of Elizabeth II is not really known. However, royal biographer Ingrid Seward explained to Newsweek that it is most likely that their children will keep them, “probably Andréssince he is the one who gave them to them.”

Royal House expert Penny Junor has come to think that the queen’s staff could be the ones to take care of them having cared for and raised them next to the monarch. Other options is that they go with the already king and queen consort, Carlos III and Camilaknown to have at least two Jack terriers, or with William and Kate Middletonwhich is accompanied by a cocker.


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