Who is Yegor Komarov, the cannibal killer that Russia has recruited from prison to fight in Ukraine

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, appeared on state television for the first time since the invasion of Ukraine began to discuss the war. In his speech, he made two objectives clear: recruit volunteers and reservists to join the Army and warn the west that his threat about use nuclear weapons “it’s not a bluff”.

Immediately after his intervention, thousands of people left their homes with the intention of leaving the country. In addition, the streets were filled with protesters against the war and more than 1,300 people were arrested. Some of those arrested would be being forced to enlist.

Given the mass exodus and the response from civil society, Putin’s loyalists began to recruit homeless who live on the street already prisoners who are serving prison sentences. In this last group is Yegor Komarova murderer and bloody cannibal.

He murdered two people and ate part of their bodies.

Yegor Komarov, who has just joined the Russian mercenaries, was in jail after having killed two people in cold blood. Furthermore, he confessed that had eaten parts of the corpses to “test how they tasted”. He was hunted due to carelessness since one of his victims, headless and stabbed to death, fell from the vehicle.

The events occurred in Saint Petersburg, where Komarov suffered an accident on a highway when he collided with a fence and left the road. When the traffic agents arrived they saw the car with numerous damages and with the trunk open. On the road there was a decapitated corpse. And inside the trunk there was a lot of blood and a shovel. The body belonged to Arkad Kazyanin50 years old, an Armenian resident in the aforementioned locality.

In a video that went viral in Russia, Komarov admitted that earlier in 2020, he had killed and eaten a person “for no reason” just to see what it tasted like. The victim was a 38-year-old man, found stabbed to death in Sosnovka in September 2021. In this case, the killer cooked the body parts before eating them. He explained that he tried to cook his victim’s tongue with butter, but the taste was not to his liking: “I tried (eating) it but I didn’t like it”.

Komarov led investigators to the scene of the crime and admitted that he was going “hunting” in a nearby local park where there were no security cameras. “In general, I like to kill people”he confessed.

Yegor Komarov is part of the Wagner Group

Now, the bloodthirsty cannibal has joined the Wagner Group, a kind of private army with loyal to Putin. Its members have already intervened in wars unleashed in areas as conflictive as Mozambique.

Their Leaderthe oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, 61, had recently been recorded recruiting inmates, including murderers and sex offenders, offering them a pardon in exchange for their loyalty for at least six months on the front lines. Prigozhin is one of the Kremlin’s henchmen and one of the benefactors of the propaganda campaign that tried to influence the outcome of the US elections.

It was Founded by the former neo-Nazi commando of the Russian special forces Dmitry Valerievich Utkin, who named the group after Hitler’s favorite composer, Richard Wagner. They have been accused of kill children, rape and torture women and to carry out summary executions.

Prigrozhin points out to the fighters that, in case they see that they may be captured by Ukrainian forces, they must first commit suicide.


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