Who is ‘Major Johnny’, the attractive bodyguard of Carlos III who turns heads?

The death of Queen Elizabeth II remains the main focus of social media gossip. The accession to the throne of the new king Charles IIIson of the monarch, is giving Internet users a lot to talk about, since his first public appearances he has starred in continuous “anger” They have not taken long to go viral on the internet. The last of these anger was caught on camera while signing at Hillsborough Castle to commemorate her mother Elizabeth II.

However, in recent hours it has not been the new sovereign who has captured all eyes, but his attractive bodyguard, Major Johnny.

His full name is Jonathan Thompson and, for years, this handsome young man has been in charge of accompanying Queen Elizabeth during her day to day life. Now, after the death of the monarch, his job will be to accompany the King and its premiere could not have been better: it was the absolute protagonist in social networks during the first meeting between Prime Minister Liz Truss and the newly appointed Charles III of England.

Dressed up with Royal Regiment of Scotland uniform ‒a thick Scottish tartan skirt and a belt from which an element made of leather hangs‒, the squire accompanied the British politician to her meeting with the king, although all the comments were taken away by his prodigious physique and his unappealable attractiveness.

Thompson, nicknamed Johnny in his inner circle, works in the service of the British Crown as bodyguard and squire ‒his job as a groom is to plan and execute the daily programs of royalty‒, but also part of the Royal Regiment of Scotland in the fifth battalion. In addition, he was the highest-ranking protector of the late Queen Elizabeth II until her death.

The bodyguard of Carlos III has not stopped conquering social networks and, since then, there are many who have become fond of following the public acts of the British Royal Family in search of the young squire. They have even baptized him with the title of ‘Major Eye Candy’something like “a gift for the eyes”.

However, it seems that Major Johnny will continue to break hearts. Although many details about his private life are unknown, information about his marital status has emerged: he is currently married.


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