Who benefits from the electoral system in Italy?

A volatile electorate, with 40% undecided and abstentionists; an electoral law that can cause an unprecedented majority in Parliament and an unusual summer campaign, in which the polls have always given victory to the right, are some keys to the Italian elections on the 25th.

an unusual campaign

Italy has experienced a brief summer electoral campaign, which has only been activated in the last two weeks prior to the elections, called in advance in July, when a parliamentary vote caused by surprise the fall of the prime minister with the greatest consensus in the history of Italy of the last years: Mario Draghi.

His “national unity” government included all but one party, the far-right Brothers of Italy (FdI), of Giorgia Melonithe great favorite to be the next prime minister in all the polls, which have shown for months that the right-wing coalition that he heads will win the elections by a landslide.


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