Which countries have the most nuclear weapons and in what position is Russia

Putin announced on Wednesday a partial mobilization in Russia due to the progress of the war in Ukraine and at the same time that Parliament approved a toughening of the Penal Code in case of desertion, looting and other actions, in a project that included for the first time terms such as martial law.

But the Russian leader’s announcement did not stop there. Putin accused the West of hatching a plan against his country and left a threat in the air by using the nuclear argument: “This is not a bluff (…) Those who try to blackmail us with the nuclear weapon must know that the wind can turn against them”.

Which countries have the most nuclear weapons? This is the position of Russia

Currently, and according to data from Nuclear Threat Initiative collected by CNN, Russia is at the head of countries with nuclear weapons: the country led by Putin would have 1,444 nuclear warheads, with ballistic missiles and other weapons that would amount to 6,370 weapons about.

This is the list of all the countries that have the most nuclear weapons:

  • USA: 3,750 nuclear warheads
  • Russia: 1,444 nuclear warheads, a total of 6,370 weapons.
  • China: 290 nuclear warheads, with 90 ballistic missiles.
  • France: About 290 nuclear warheads.
  • United Kingdom: About 225 nuclear warheads.
  • India: Between 130 and 140 warheads.
  • Pakistan: Between 90 and 110 warheads.
  • Israel: Between 100 and 200 unconfirmed nuclear weapons.
  • North Korea: A FAS report states that the country has some 20 nuclear warheads.

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