When will the coronation of King Charles III of England take place?

Carlos, eldest son of Elizabeth II, is already the king of england. In agreement with the protocolAs soon as the monarch died, her heir became King. However, the ascent to the throne of the hitherto Prince of Wales must follow a series of steps established by the ‘Operation London Bridge’.

This protocol, in force for six decades, was published last September by the media outlet ‘Politico’ and establishes, step by step, what must happen from ‘D-Day’ (this Friday) until coronation of Charles III and his first days at the head of the head of state. The plan was perfected in recent months by Queen Elizabeth II herself. and the then prime minister, Boris Johnson.

When will the coronation of Carlos III be?

After seven decades as heirthe most a prince has expected -surpassing his great-great-grandfather Edward VII-, the eldest son of Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh is already, de facto, King of England.

Even so, we will have to wait for the coronation ceremony. On D+1 (the day after the Queen’s death, that is, this Friday), Carlos will officially be proclaimed King in the St James’s Palace in London, in front of the Ascent Council. There his proclamation will be read from the balcony.

The coronation ceremony, however, it will presumably take several months to occur. In the case of Elizabeth II herself, she became her Queen when her father, George VI, died on February 6, 1952, but his coronation did not take place until more than a year laterJune 2, 1953.

The main difference is that she was 25 years old then, while now Carlos III is 73. Therefore, and although there are no official data, it is expected that the process this time will not take so long. In addition, it will be held officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, in Westminster Abbeyas has been happening over the last nine centuries, since William I, the Conqueror, in 1066.

In this state event, financed by the Government, the crown of San Eduardo will be imposed on Carlos IIIa gold jewel worn by English monarchs since 1661, and will also be presented with the orb and scepter as symbols of the beginning of their reign.


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