WhatsApp will improve the search for messages

WhatsApp is working on a multitude of new features today. The well-known messaging app seeks to make it easier to find messages in our chats. Therefore, they are currently working on an improved search function. It is the search by date, something that many were looking forward to.

WhatsApp will improve the search for messages

This is a function with which the user will be able to find a message that they have sent in a chat on a certain date, thus being much easier.

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In the chats within WhatsApp it will be shown in the near future a calendar icon. When we click on it, we will be able to see that file of the messages that we have sent with a specific person. If you were looking for a specific message, that you know the date you sent it in this chat, you will be able to find it this way now.

Of course, it is not allowed, at least not yet, to go to a specific date by clicking on a calendar or enter that date. The app shows us dates in a rotating system, but to go to a chat from a long time ago, you have to slide a lot, so this is not very comfortable. It may be something that will be fixed for the release of the feature.

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Presumably search by date in WhatsApp will be released on both Android and iOS. It’s a feature that will help the messaging app, at least on paper. Finding a specific message that you have sent a long time ago will be much easier this way. Nothing is known about the dates on which it will be officially launched at the moment.

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