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The classic emoticons they were designed to express some feeling, idea or replace certain words that you don’t want to write in a group or personal conversation. Although you can use them in your own way or however you want, it is important to clarify that each one has a different meaning, therefore, this time we will explain what the “clown” emoji represents and why young people send it along with the phrase “ I was clown”.

The expression “I was a clown” or “I was a clown”, although it is mostly used by women, it has become very popular due to and it has expanded to other social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Normally, the aforementioned phrase is accompanied by the emoji known as “clown face”, which was created and approved in 2016 by Unicode.


It seems simple, this icon represents a circus or birthday clown, but, according to information released by Emojipedia, in addition to that it was created to be used in a derogatory way and to indicate that a person is very stupid or idiotic, that’s why the phrase “I was a clown”. For example, it is common for someone to go back to her ex and he ends up cheating on him or cheating on her, this is where they tell their friends and send that expression.

On most platforms, the emoticon is shown as having a white face, black or blue eyes, red mouth, nose and hair, and smiling from ear to ear, however the Facebook icon is totally different, it has blue hair , yellow face, white mouth and a hat, the meaning is the same, it does not change.


  • There are several meanings and they are related depending on the context in which they have written to you on WhatsApp.
  • To know exactly the meaning of this emoji we will resort to .
  • According to the web, the heart with a point below is also called the Heart Exclamation (in English).
  • It also serves to express whether that person loves you or not, very similar to the question mark.
  • On the other hand, this emoji is also related to a bleeding heart. Another explanation is that the heart is donating blood.
  • Some relate it to the “Sacred Heart of Jesus” or some religious symbol.


  • Every time we have a conversation on WhatsApp, the person not only uses words but also emojis.
  • Through it, he expresses emotions according to the faces of the emoticons.
  • However, some tend to use the three dots or “…” in their conversations. What is?
  • It means that he is waiting for you to reply.
  • It also indicates that that person wants to tell you something else, but is keeping it to himself.
  • Similarly, the three dots also say that he wants you to tell him something that only you know.
  • At other times it tends to express that you must complete a phrase or sentence that only you know.

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