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is a free application that puts different communication tools at our fingertips. You can send text messages, photos, videos, stickers, voice notes and with the pandemic it has become quite popular to make video calls or virtual meetings.

Well, precisely, this last function has a small inconvenience: users can accidentally press the call button and alert a random contact. For now, Meta, the company behind the development, has not proposed a solution or correction of the case.

For this reason, the WaBetainfo medium has published an alternative on its official blog that Meta could take into account.

Over the years, many users have asked WhatsApp to implement a confirmation alert: actually, it is already available, but it only appears on the first attempt to make a WhatsApp call. In fact, it would be annoying to double-tap to perform an action, so tap the call button and “yes” within the confirmation alert every time you want to start a WhatsApp call. So we decided to create a concept for a new feature in WhatsApp which we call ‘call countdown’‘”, they detail.

They add a screenshot so you can see what the final design of the tool would look like. A calling interface will appear, but it won’t start until the counter reaches zero. Until then, you will have time to cancel.

As you can see in this screenshot, every time we make a WhatsApp call a countdown starts: when the countdown ends, WhatsApp can finally make the call. Since we understand that waiting 3 seconds to make the call would also be annoying, there may be some new ways to force WhatsApp to start the call immediately without waiting for the countdown: a solution would be, for example, when you bring the device to your ear and WhatsApp detects it thanks to the proximity sensor, WhatsApp no ​​longer waits for the countdown to reach zero and the app makes the call immediately”, adds the aforementioned medium.

Let us remember that this is only a proposal, it is not known if WhatsApp is actually working on this improvement of its service.

This is what the call alert would look like on WhatsApp

This is what the call alert would look like on WhatsApp.  Photo: WaBetainfo
This is what the call alert would look like on WhatsApp. Photo: WaBetainfo

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