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Teleworking has made us connected to at all times. It should no longer be a novelty to link the messaging service account to reply to messages via the computer. However, did you know that you can also manage notifications? You don’t have to be aware of the smartphone, but find the right functions to make your work more versatile.

To use on the computer, either PC or laptop, you can open the application web in the browser window or you can download the application whatsapp desktop for Windows and Mac. As you use , you will start receiving messages on the device. This made it possible for Meta’s proprietary platform to enable desktop notifications so you don’t miss a thing. Let’s see how to manage notifications so that you are always aware of your communications.

WHATSAPP | How to activate notifications on the computer

Step 1. Open WhatsApp Web or Desktop

Step 2. Click Menu or go to Settings

Step 3. Now, click on Notifications

Step 4. Here you will see three options for messages: message notifications, show previews, show reaction notifications, and an option to enable/disable the sound of incoming messages.

Step 5. Check the Message notifications box to see notifications of new messages. Notifications will appear even when you are not in the WhatsApp window.

Step 6. To preview messages, check the ‘Show previews’ box.

Step 7. To enable message reaction notifications, check Show reaction notifications. Please note that you can uncheck any of these boxes to disable the notification features.

Step 8. In case you want WhatsApp to play sounds for incoming messages, check the Sounds option.

WHATSAPP | How to mute chats

Users should note that they can manage notifications for selected individual or group chats. Let’s see how to silence notifications for this type of chat:

  • Open an individual or group chat.
  • Click Menu and then choose Silence notifications.
  • Now, select the duration for which you want to silence notifications: 8 hours, 1 week or always
  • Having done that, click on Silence notifications.
  • In case you want to turn on chat, find muted chat and click Menu > Turn on notifications.

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