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It is not an application that stands out for presenting amazing functions, it is considered one of the best instant messaging platforms in the world. The app belonging to Meta has a large number of secrets that many users still do not know, such as: the trick of sending messages with airplane mode activated, what is it for? For you to hide your connection status (Online) and the word “Writing…”, however, what would happen if you make a call or video call with the aforementioned mode enabled? From Depor we will explain it below. Take note.

Before starting, we will explain what the main function of “airplane mode” is, it is responsible for disconnecting all the wireless connections of your device it means that you will not have access to the internet and you will not have access to other basic functions of the cell phone, such as receiving or sending text messages (SMS), phone calls, activating mobile data, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.


At the beginning we told you about the trick that users have discovered to prevent the “Online” status and the word “Writing” from appearing when you reply to a message, you just have to activate the airplane mode from the notification bar, enter WhatsApp, send a message, close the app and disable the mode, so you will answer all your contacts without them seeing you connected, but have you tried doing the same with a call or video call? the result is different.

When you tap on the call or video call icon, WhatsApp will show you the following message: “To make a WhatsApp call, first disable airplane mode”, means that it is impossible to communicate with that contact, also, if you deactivate the airplane mode, the user will not receive a notification of what happened.


This abbreviation is used in different countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina and has even become popular in Spain. As we said before, it is a vulgarity to express that something has bothered you and you don’t care; however, it is very strange when adults 45 and over send the “ALV”, because they are not trying to insult you, they have simply given it their own meaning as the veteran “XD”, a laughing face that older people think is means “by God”.

What is “ALV” for adults? it’s simple, it means “I love you” either “Oh lovi u”, which translated into Spanish would be “I love you” or “I love you”, although it seems funny, the elders are giving you affection when they send you this abbreviation, quite the opposite of its true meaning. It is not the only one, although in a minority, others use it to try to summarize the phrase: “I love life”.

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