WhatsApp copies to Telegram and soon you will be able to edit messages already sent | Technology

Editable messages will be a reality in WhatsApp, although they will not work as they do in Telegram, which has been integrated for a long time.

WhatsApp’s advances to become the most complete messaging application are going well, although this means that they have begun to integrate features that other applications already integrate. This is the case of the editable messages that the Facebook messaging application is already testing.

Being able to edit a message after sending it is something that many users can do, although they have to use Telegram. Now WhatsApp would also integrate this feature and it may be one of its biggest advances in recent years. How will this feature work? Thanks to WaBetaInfo we have a small sample.

At the moment, unfortunately, it only seems to be available to some users selected by WhatsApp itself and only in the case of using the desktop version of the messaging application. The operation would not be as simple as in the case of Telegram and, in fact, it seems that new windows will open.

Within these windows, the option to edit a message will be displayed along with an icon that will be a confirmation to send it after editing. Come on, the steps to be able to edit a message and then send it will be many more than those given in Telegram that, the truth, is that it does not even have windows when it comes to editing messages.

All you do is through the conversion chat window itself where you want to edit the message. Of course, being a test version, the truth is that you have to take into account that all this can change as its development progresses. For the moment, the only thing left is to wait to see how this type of function progresses..

WhatsApp may have finally decided to catch up with its main competitors, even if this means that it has to add features like the one we have seen. Yes indeed, We will have to wait to see if in the end they continue betting on this type of feature since, for the moment, it has only been seen in the desktop version.

It is possible that it will not reach mobile phones and will remain only in the desktop version, nothing is written when it comes to WhatsApp. We will have to wait to see how this feature develops and, above all, how it works on a general level once it has been launched on different mobile devices.

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