What will happen to the last corgis of Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth II of England, who died todayShe was a great animal lover. Especially the horses, of which she has been a famous and award-winning breeder, and the corgis. Some puppies that accompanied her for more than 80 years, since when she was 7 years old she gave her Dookie, his first corgi. EITHER Susana gift from her father when she turned 18, who accompanied the princess on her honeymoon in 1947. A love shared with her mother, which she bequeathed to montythe corgi that walked with the queen and agent 007 from Daniel Craig at the London Olympics. They were not the only ones. Among the more than 30 dogs that have accompanied the queen throughout her life, there have been, among others: labradors, cocker spaniels and dorgis, the result of the adventures of her corgis with the daschunds of her sister Margarita.

However, after the death of Willow (the last of the “royal” lineage corgis) and whisper (adopted after the death of its owner, one of the queen’s employees) in 2018, Elizabeth II put an end to the breeding of these animals. Just as in that 2018 she was greatly affected by the death of Willow – her last link with her family – the queen did not want any of her corgis to survive her either. A will that was half interrupted when her son, the prince Andrewgave her two puppies shortly before her husband’s death, Philip of Edinburgh. Only one of the puppies survived, but Andrés kept insisting and gave him another puppy.

That they managed to give her joy back: Prince William told a year ago that the queen was still personally walking her corgis, who gave her joy back during confinement. Both of them, Muick Y sandyare accompanied by a cocker spaniel, lissieand by a veteran dorgi, Candywhich we could see a few months ago interrupt the queen while preparing the Jubilee.

The question is what will happen to them now. Carlos and Camilla recently became owners of two jack terriers, rescued from a shelter. And William and Kate Middleton own a cocker spaniel, Fringe (the second after the death of Lupo, another cocker passed away in 2021). They are not the only members of the royal family to have taken in dogs. But his is now the responsibility of the animals that accompanied Elizabeth II to the end.

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