What was the family relationship between Philip of Edinburgh and Queen Sophia?

The UK is mourning the death of queen elizabeth ii. Condolences to the British Royal House have come from all over the world and Spain, a country with which it had a close relationship due to its relationship with royalty, has also expressed its condolences for the death of the monarch.

The relationship between the British Royal House and the Spanish Royal Family goes beyond friendship. Philip of Edinburgh, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II deceased last yearowned family ties with both Queen Sofia and King Juan Carlos, since all three, like the British queen, were great-great-grandchildren Of Queen Victoria, who reigned from 1837 to 1901 and who is considered “the grandmother of Europe” because of the vast genealogy she left behind.

direct family relationship

Like Dona Sofia, the Duke of Edinburgh was born in Greece, specifically in the town of Corfu, and both shared ancestors and maintained a blood relationship. A) Yes, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband was her second uncle.

George I was the grandfather of the Prince of Greece and Denmark until he married Elizabeth II and, in turn, Sofia’s great-grandfather. Also, the two were related by the maternal Prussian branch, since Emperor Wilhelm II was the great-grandfather of Queen Sofia and grandfather of Philip. In addition, the grandmother of don Juan Carlos and wife of Alfonso XIII, Victoria Eugenia, was a first cousin of the mother of the Duke of EdinburghAlice of Battenberg.

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