What is the most common salary in Spain

Last June 2022, updated data on wages in Spain was published, a study carried out by the National Statistics Institute (INE)It is known as Annual Salary Structure Survey, with data collected in 2020.

These statistical data help to create an X-ray of what wages are like in our country. In fact, the annual gross receipt per worker was 25,165.511 euros in 2020, 3.2% higher than the previous year.

Salary difference by sex

This value has also been seen with a notable difference when separating workers by sex. Thus, the average annual profit was 27,642.52 euros for men and 22,467.48 euros for women this year.

Work activity with higher and lower salary

On the other hand, in terms of wages by work activity, the profession that presented the highest average annual wage in 2020 was the one that has to do with Electric power supplygas, steam and air conditioning, with 53,775.71 euros per worker. This is 113.7% higher than the national average.

Just on the opposite side is the hotel industrywhich presented the lowest average annual salary per worker, with 14,136.95 and 17,468.15 euros. These figures were 43.8% and 30.6% lower than the average.

The most common salary in Spain

Regarding the modal salary, the annual amount most received by workers in 2020 is around 18,480 euros, a figure that received a total of 549,564 employees. There is another quantity that was also very frequent among the workers during that year, that of 13,970 euros, amount earned per year by 548,313 wage earners.

Salaries by autonomous communities

The autonomous communities in which they were registered the highest salaries in 2020 were:

  • Basque Country: with 30,224.16 euros per year per worker
  • Madrid’s community: with 28,829.06 euros per worker
  • Community of Navarre: with 27,995.96 euros per worker

On the other hand, it is these three autonomous communities that have presented a lower salary for your workers in 2020:

  • Estremadura: with 20,479.30 euros per worker
  • Canary Islands: with 21,631.17 euros per worker
  • Andalusia: with 22,323.85 euros per worker


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