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It’s been more than two months. For life goes on after her breakup with Gerard Piqué. Faced with much controversy and different news about her former relationship, the famous singer would have decided to strongly resume all her pending projects in the musical field. However, she drew a lot of attention when the Colombian artist was captured together with reggaeton singer Ozuna in Barcelona (Spain). Are they up to something?

Shakira had a romantic relationship for 12 years with the footballer Gerard Piqué. The romance that began in 2010, within the framework of the World Cup in South Africa, came to an end in June 2022 when the couple announced their final separation.

But although the Barcelona defender has been seen in different places with clear Chia Martifor its part, Shakira He has remained silent and his appearance before cameras has even been very rare after what happened with his ex-partner.

For this reason, it was very surprising to see the singer from Barranquilla in the town of Manresa, in Barcelonanext to reggaeton Ozuna.

In the social networks, immediately, many things were speculated about the two artists, from a musical collaboration to a possible romance.

Shakira stirred up the streets of Barcelona (Spain) (Photo: Shakira / Facebook)
Shakira stirred up the streets of Barcelona (Spain) (Photo: Shakira / Facebook)


Shakira continues to give a lot to talk about and not precisely because of what her romance with Gerard Piqué was, but because she was captured in Spain with the singer Ozuna.

Many rumors were heard on social networks after the urban artist made a post on his official Twitter addressing the colombian.

How beautiful you are Shakira”, published the singer along with a bear emoticon.

That is why many speculated that between the two artists there could supposedly be something more than friendship; nevertheless, all this was discarded after it became clear that they were seen together because they are working on a new music video.

According to the portal , the meetings and messages (such as the one published by Ozuna) are part of a new musical work between the Colombian and the reggaeton player. To this is added that they are already making the recordings of the official video.

Ozuna is a famous reggaeton singer (Photo: Ozuna / Facebook)
Ozuna is a famous reggaeton singer (Photo: Ozuna / Facebook)


The meeting that surprised everyone took place on a street in Barcelona. Shakira with his colleague Ozuna met on Saturday, September 10 in the afternoon at a market in the Roger de Flor Streetaccording to information from .

Likewise, the aforementioned medium indicates that the artists continued their meeting in a place in the center of the city of Barcelona.

For its part, the portal Romega TV He published images of the singer’s arrival at the place and minutes later he did the same Ozuna.

It should be noted that in the social networks some images of what are the recordings of the new music video were also published where you can see Shakira run along a street while a camera follows your path.


The singer Ozuna has a long musical career in the reggaeton genre; however, he has also worked alongside other artists as part of his collaborations. These are:

  • Ozuna, Carol G Y Mike Towers (“Candy”)
  • Ozuna Y black Eyed Peas (“Mommy”)
  • Ozuna Y daddy yankee (“The heartbreaker”)
  • Ozuna Y Natti Natasha (“Criminal”)
  • Ozuna Y Wisin (“Get away with me”)


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