What football team is Carlos III from? What are his favorite food and drinks? The 20 favorite things of the new king

Until a few days ago he was the Prince of Wales, but since the time of his mother’s death, the Queen Isabel IIwe have to get used to talking about Charles III From great britain.

Although he has been famous since he was born, King Carlos has always wanted to keep a little lower profile than is assumed by his rank, and much to his chagrin, his stormy marriage to Diana of Wales made him one of the most famous people on the planet.

Now he returns to the forefront of today and his subjects are discovering some details of his private lifesome as innocent as their favorite dishes.

With that intention, the Mirror has published a report with the 20 favorite things of the new British monarch.

Football team

King Carlos III is not a fan of any of the greats of English football, but the team he loves is the modest one Burnley F.C.. It has been since a decade ago he was doing charity work in this Lancashire city and they gave him a season ticket to see this team, which was relegated from the Premier League last year.

vacation spot

His favorite place to spend a vacation is the Greek island of Corfu. He once said “Greece is in my blood and I have long had a fascination with its ancient culture and history.”

Corfu (Greece).
Corfu (Greece).


King Charles’s favorite song is Lulu’s Back In Towna 1935 jazz theme performed by Dick Powell. As revealed on one occasion, it reminds him of his grandmother.

Board game

The Good Life is the name of the king’s favorite board game: “It’s certainly a valuable contribution to educating people about the overwhelming sustainability crisis we’re facing, and at the same time it’s a lot of fun to play.” The winner of the game is the first to fill your garden and become self-sufficient.


the monarch eats a boiled egg every day, without fail, and he likes them to cook for exactly seven minutes.

A boiled egg.
A boiled egg.
Image by Karl Allen Lugmayer on Pixabay.

Musical instrument

the cello it is the king’s favorite instrument. During his time at Trinity College, at the University of Cambridge, he played it.

tv show

The king’s favorite show is The Great British Bake Off, a cooking contest. When King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla met the contestant Selasi Gbormittah in 2018, they revealed to her that they were fans of the show.

famous favorite

Barbra Streisand. There were rumors that the king was in love with the American singer and actress. Author Christopher Andersen said that Charles once described the star as “my only pin up“.

Barbra Streisand.
Barbra Streisand.


Traditional fruit tart. For his 70th birthday in 2018, the king commissioned his favorite fruitcake, supplied by luxury confectioner Fiona Cairns.


The king’s favorite car is his Aston Martin DB6 Steering Wheel. The king received his beloved Aston Martin from the queen on her 21st birthday in 1969. Years later, he converted it to run on biofuel.

place in the world

King Carlos has a special predilection for Transylvania. The monarch considers this region of central Romania his second home for its beauty, nature and mystery.

It is located in the Transylvania region and has a spectacular walled old town that is preserved in excellent condition.  The town is full of legends and is wrapped in a very special aura.
Image of Transylvania.


The king relies on wide cuts and often wears a double-breasted jacket, the same standard as Juan Carlos I, the emeritus king of Spain. His trusted tailor is Anderson & Sheppard.


The painting, in concrete watercoloris one of the passions of King Carlos III and when work allows it, it is his favorite activity.


As for pizzas, the king is of simple tastes: her favorite is margaritaa, as chef Erminio Di Meo revealed in 2019.


King Charles III’s favorite drink is malt whiskey, specifically the brand laphroagproduced on the island of Islay, north of Scotland, and known for its characteristic smoky flavor with hints of salt water.

Laphroaig bottles.
Laphroaig bottles.


The favorite fruit of King Carlos III are the plumsespecially those collected from the garden on his Highgrove property.


King Charles loves the squirrels. In fact, he created the Red Squirrel Survival Trust to help protect these endangered animals. “My great ambition is to have one at home… sitting at the breakfast table and on my shoulder,” she once said.

Although it is a very active animal during the hours in which it is awake, the truth is that more than half of the day is spent sleeping.  It's about 13 hours.
Image of a squirrel.


The king’s favorite dish is risotto with mushrooms and lamb.

Music Group

The king’s favorite group is The Three Degreessong writers Giving Up, Giving In, played at the king’s 30th birthday party, who said that song “a long time ago, used to give me an irresistible urge to get up and dance.”


The king’s favorite restaurant is called Brilliantand it is a business specialized in Indian food, located in the area of Covent Garden, in London. His specialties in Punjabi food earned him an award in 2006.


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