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former vocalist of the group “La Charanga Habanera”, is in poor health due to suffering a ‘subarachnoid hemorrhage’.

The news was confirmed by the singer’s partner, Alisson Clavijo, who reported that a week ago the interpreter hit his head very hard after fainting, apparently due to decompensation due to a stomach infection.

“He was hospitalized for three days for a subarachnoid hemorrhage, we believe it is due to the fall he had when he passed out in my arms, in our house. He had been sick for three days with a stomach infection and last Friday he began to dehydrate and it seems that he decompensated, he came walking dizzy to where I was, he collapsed and began to convulse in my arms, he fell to the floor hitting his head. I immediately took him to emergency. First we went to a clinic, but to admit him to the ICU for two days they wanted to charge us 30 thousand soles, so we went to Casimiro Ulloa”, the young woman told the Trome newspaper.

According to Alisson Clavijo, the interpreter of “Ricky Ricón” was discharged after spending three days hospitalized; however, he assured that he is not yet fully recovered.

“They discharged him because the largest hemorrhage began to be absorbed, but there is another one that is growing and that is why he cannot use the telephone, he speaks, but on the doctor’s recommendation he has to be at absolute rest and not generate pressure on the brain. ”, commented.

Likewise, the musician’s partner said that this Friday he will have an “appointment with another neurosurgeon to evaluate all the tomographies and give us a more accurate diagnosis,”

Finally, the couple of the ex-vocalist of “Group 5” asked his followers to pray a lot for his speedy recovery.

“I ask all the people who love and admire him to pray a lot for him because he is not fully recovered yet, he is only stable and he still has a long way to go. I read (to Dante) the messages from his fans and that lifts his spirits. Prayers move mountains. I have a lot of faith”, term.


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