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It continues to be a trend on social networks since it first appeared on television, in the program “El Reventonazo de la Chola”, where it told its story.

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The real name of “La Chilindrina huachana” is Alex Brandona 26-year-old resident of Huacho who works weekends in a nightclub in this town.

Brando appeared on the program ‘On the sixth day’, along with his mother Judith Velasquez and her sister Fresiawho suffers from schizophrenia. “I am happy that my daughter became famous overnight”began by saying the mother of “La Chilindrina huachana”.

But what generated outrage on social networks is that the young man’s mother claimed her son for not supporting her financially. “Brandon takes responsibility for you?”asked the driver Mónica Cabrejos.

“I’m going to tell you the truth. My son started hitting on girls since he did this ‘Chilindrina’ thing. But what’s wrong, sadly I have to say it, but my little son said at the Reventonazo de la Chola Chabuca that ‘I’m working for my mother’… However, first he took a little couple who they say dressed her from head to toe and took her to eat grilled chicken and until now I haven’t received a single sun”commented the hurt mother.

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The comments were immediate in networks, and users supported the “The Huachana Chilindrina”:

“Well, we already know why he has his sad look”; “The mother must know that he is her son, not her husband, he supports her at home”; “there is everything and there are mothers who take advantage of their children”; “Mom or enemy?”; “Why does she embarrass him like that? It’s the job he earned”; “There are always mothers so they bring her children for her benefit, that’s why she always feels guilty.”

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