What did Susan Ochoa say to Sergio George | EYE-SHOW

This September 17, 2022, faced the American producer during the program” for criticizing the performance of one of the singers in his team.

“Do you want to know the truth? I thought the performance was terrible, but seriously, but I liked your dance, the song I didn’t even understand what he said singing, I didn’t understand “, Sergio George said about the participant, which unleashed the fury of Susan Ochoa:

“I really feel worried because when the participant sings badly, you get emotional and they put an 11, but when you sing well, because my participant is vocalizing, tuning, dancing, which, for example, Yahaira’s participant did not , but my participant yes, so I think that really, excuse me, with all due respect, he is my participant, I want him to stay and continue to have the opportunity, but please listen well, “ said the singer.

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Thus, Sergio George explained that the participant did not pronounce English correctly: “But Susan, this is the score for the whole show, for me the performance didn’t seem good at all, I didn’t understand what she sang, the English, but she danced well, at least that part she did very well, but I didn’t I liked it a lot, that is, it seemed a bit weak, except for the dance”.

Adolfo Aguilar also gave his opinion: “I agree with Susan, I do not agree with the teacher, Sergio, I do agree that he has not been understood much (…) indeed English is not your thing, let’s try not to sing things in English ”.

For his part, the participant defended himself: “The tempo of the song is a little faster… I can pronounce, but the tempo of the song was a little faster than normal and that affects the modulation of speech a little bit when pronouncing English.”

But Adolfo Aguilar asked him not to make excuses: “Be that as it may, here the man (Sergio George) speaks perfect English, so whatever you say, the same, if the man did not understand you, then you are not doing it well, period.”




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