We remind you of the actresses who have played Queen Elizabeth II on the small and big screen

Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II.

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A figure with the media weight of Queen Elizabeth II could not go unnoticed before the lens since she ascended the throne, so the British monarch who has just died at the age of 96 has been played on dozens of occasions by various actresses, including Helen Mirren, who in 2006 took the role for the movie The Queen and for which she won an Oscar.

Helen Mirren

Helen played the queen at one of the most pivotal moments for the royal family, the death of Princess Diana. The Queen was directed by Stephen Fears and the interpreter, in addition to the Oscar, also received the Golden Globe, BAFTA and SAG Award for Best Actress. Without a doubt, it was one of her most iconic performances.

Claire Foy and Olivia Colman

The most recognized interpretations, at least because of the media coverage that The Crown achieved, are those of Claire Foy and Olivia Colman, both of whom took on the role of the queen at different stages. The series was well received by critics for its script and resemblance to reality; this year, Imelda Sataunton will replace Olivia for the new season.

Cloy played Isabel II at that stage in which her father called her Lilibet. With the first two seasons of The Crown, the actress won an Emmy, a Golden Globe and two SAG Awards. Foy she did not hesitate to share for the media that she felt “very lucky to portray such a strong woman in history.”

For her part, Olivia Colman played Queen Elizabeth II for seasons 3 and 4 of the series The Crown. At this stage of her life, the monarch witnessed the departure of Winston Churchill, and the arrival of Margaret Thatcher; as well as the wedding of her son, Prince Charles, with Diana of Wales. The actress won a Golden Globe for her portrayal.

freya wilson

In a more youthful stage, actress Freya Wilson played Queen Elizabeth II for the film The King’s Speech; In this fiction starring Colin Firth, the queen was only 11 years old, the story put on screen how King George dealt with his speech problems before ascending the throne. The film won 4 Oscars.

Jeanette Charles

Jeannette Charles was also part of the list of actresses who have taken the role of the monarch; in fact, Charles bears a very peculiar resemblance to the queen. Charles has appeared on shows like Saturday Night Live and movies like Austin Powers. And for her part, Emma Thompson who played the queen in Walking the Dogs.


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