Volkswagen ID. Xtreme, an ID.4 converted into an off-roader

Despite the fact that there are hardly any electric SUVs on the market today, many manufacturers are working on models of this type (Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Rivian), as electric drivetrains have numerous driving advantages off roadfrom power delivery and instant torque to exhaust suppression (ideal for fording rivers).

Although the truth is that most brands today are committed to electric SUVs, which retain the greater height of SUVs but have actually been designed for asphalt, some preparers have not hesitated to transform models like the Tesla Model X into vehicles focused on driving in the field.

Volkswagen itself has decided to explore this niche with the prototype ID XtremeConcept, an “adventurous” version of their popular ID.4. Developed on the occasion of the celebration of the ID. Treffen in Locarno (Germany), this concept car derives from the performance ID.4 GTX with all-wheel drive (dual motor configuration), although its approach is very different.

Designed under the supervision of Andreas Reckenwerth, Head of MEB Vehicles at Volkswagen, the ID. Xtreme has a specific body kit (for example, the new bumpers improve its approach and departure angles), 18-inch wheels with special tires and a raised suspension that increases its clearance.

Volkswagen ID. extreme

The Volkswagen ID. Xtreme has 388 hp

The side vinyls and the roof rack with LED lights finish rounding off its exterior appearance, while inside we find new seats. The drivetrain has also been upgraded, with power going from the original ID.4 GTX’s 299 hp (220 kW) to a wild 388 hp (285 kW) in the ID Xtreme.

The 77 kWh battery pack for its part has not changed, although Volkswagen has not wanted to give estimates regarding its autonomy. And it is most likely that the aesthetic and mechanical modifications have significantly worsened the efficiency of the vehicle, which will have a negative impact on its consumption.

Although it has been conceived as a demonstration of the enormous flexibility of the MEB platform, at the moment it does not seem that Volkswagen intends to mass-produce the ID. Xtreme. However, rumors suggest that the company would be interested in launching an electric off-roader in a few years: the ID. Rugged.

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