Volkswagen executives and unions debate the electric transition

©Reuters. Volkswagen executives and unions discuss the electric transition

Pamplona, ​​Sep 8 (.).- Directors of Volkswagen (ETR:) AG, members of the European and World Works Council of the Volkswagen Group and union representatives of European factories met this Thursday at the multinational factory in Pamplona to discuss topics related to the transformation towards electromobility of the automobile company.

Gunnar Kilian, member of the Executive Committee of Volkswagen AG for Human Resources and Truck & Bus, has positively valued the working day in a statement.

“In a global group like Volkswagen, international trade plays a big role. And we have to promote this exchange. Because only if we maintain a dialogue with each other can we jointly achieve the best for our company and our employees. After this exciting day in Pamplona, ​​this reality has become clear again. We will continue working on our transformation hand in hand. And I am very grateful for it, ”she assures.

For her part, Daniella Cavallo, president of the European and World Works Council of the Volkswagen Group, underlines that “all of us are facing demanding times in the framework of transformation. But regardless of the different situations that we may find ourselves in each factory, one thing unites us all: the irrepressible will to carry out this transformation in a fair and equitable way.”

For this reason, he points out, “I am extremely pleased that we have met in Pamplona with all the representatives of workers from Central and Eastern Europe and the Iberian Peninsula to discuss the challenges and possible solutions. Only together and with international solidarity will we overcome these challenges. I know the team is up for it.”

The conference was also attended by, among others, Arne Meiswinkel, member of the Executive Committee of the Volkswagen brand for Human Resources; Karsten Brack, Director of International Personnel of the Volkswagen Group; and Darek Dabrowski, secretary of the European and World Works Council of the Volkswagen Group, as well as the presidents of the works councils of the Landaben factory, of Volkswagen Autoeuropa (Portugal), Volkswagen Motor Polska, Volkswagen Czechia, Volkswagen Sarajevo, Volkswagen Slovakia , SEAT SA, and Audi (F:) Hungaria Motor.

Alfredo Morales and Carlos Zalduendo, president and member of the works council, respectively, participated on behalf of Volkswagen Navarra.

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