V reveals his dream home in Mexico with a surprise for ARMY (PHOTO)

v is one of the members who adores Mexico, and he shows it in the best way that by admiring their culture with much love and praise, being so special to him, he is listed as their number 1 country, exclusively promising to visit them during his world tour, but despite how charming Mexico is, The singer revealed what would be the perfect place to live quietly in peace, with a beautiful view that would establish the house of his dreams, leaving the singer very surprised. ARMY with your answer.

Since his last visit to Mexico in 2017 with the KCON, ARMY anxiously awaits their return established in their alleged world tour, taking into account the current separation of the members, it is ensured that by October they are back with their musical activities and belonging as always to one of the best bands in the world. k pop that they have starred

bts admires Mexico for its art, and the symphony of classical music, jazz, apart from the gastronomy of its typical dishes, but in the case of V, who has his own luxury apartment, I reveal one of the most famous houses in Mexico by a very successful celebrity in his work as an artist in making painting pictures”Frida Kahlo” an icon in Mexico, where V confessed that he wanted to see his house, although now it is converted into a museum, I assure you that it would be a property in which he would love to live and dream of that house.

Since being an admirer of Frida Kahlo, taehyung He dreams of his house, the residence where he lived with Diego Rivera, where V I assure you that this house is of great prestige and you are curious to know it inside and out, thus being one of the most charming places to live in Mexico, commenting:

“I like Frida Kahlo’s house.”

Below is an image inside the housing space:

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