Ukraine shows the torture chambers that the Russians had in the basements of Kharkov

Ukraine documents the atrocities that have occurred in the battles of Kharkiv after Russian troops left the area during the counteroffensive. Groups work near the Russian border. They travel accompanied by a team that is responsible for documenting everything found at the scene. Ukraine has pointed out that the atrocities they remember Bucha.

Vitali (who does not offer a last name for security reasons), is a commander of the National Guard and highlights: “First of all, we carried out an aerial exploration of the area with a drone in order to pinpoint the location of the bodies, after this, the search group travels on foot to the place where the bodies are found, and then we document with photographs of the scene in order to include this information in a single record of pre-trial investigations into the killings. Because they are war crimes.”

Other atrocities that the Ukrainian army shows that it is encountering are torture chambers. Ukrainian authorities say they have discovered a dozen clandestine prisons in cellars that were in the recovered localities of Kharkov. One is located in Kozacha Lopan.

As the frequency of Russian bombing decreases, people begin to return to their homes. The boarded up windows show that the population remains cautious.

“Kharkov has changed slightly, people are calmer. The return train – I came back at 6 in the morning – was full of young people, making their way back home”highlights a citizen of Kharkov.

“The city has become quieter, even though the Russians are bombing us every night. Nothing has stopped completely… I may be able to sleep better, even with the bombing,” points out another citizen of Kharkiv.

bombings like those who in this same region have lived this Sunday in Strilche. According to the Ukrainian authorities four doctors have died when trying to evacuate patients from a psychiatric hospital.


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