two weeks to Earth’s first Planetary Defense rehearsal

The POT has announced the dart mission (Double Asteroid Redirection Test). The test aims to find out if it would be possible to deflect an asteroid on course that was going to collide with Earth. Two weeks left to see the results of NASA’s Planetary Defense program.

In the images of the Antena 3 news we can see the first pitch which is part of NASA’s Dart Mission, which began in November of last year. NASA intends to test its anti-meteor technology for possible cases that could be dangerous for the Earth in the future.

DART will be the first Planetary Defense test mission, designed by John Hopkins APL and NASA, to change the course of a asteroid. This double asteroid ‘Redirection Test’ mission will provide the answer to the question posed by the US government agency responsible for the civil space program.

The objective is Dimorphos, a small asteroid that revolves around a larger one called Didymos. Neither of them is dangerous for the planet.

DART will travel 11 million kilometers

DART will travel 11 million kilometers autonomously and powered by solar panels, all the way to the binary asteroid system. In late 2022, the spacecraft will collide with Dimorphos at a speed of about 6.6 kilometers per second.

The goal is to slightly change your orbit, something similar to a billiard ball displacing another when it hits it. DART carries on board DRACO, a camera that will support autonomous navigation and orientation of the spacecraft. It will transmit images to earth in real time before the DART impact with Dimorphos.

Scientists will use views collected by ground-based telescopes before and after the impact to learn when Dimorphos will change into orbit around Didymos. DART is scheduled to launch on November 24 from the Vandenberg Space Station in California.

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