turns out to be an iceberg covered in gravel

Danish scientist Rene Forsberg has claimed that what was long thought to be the northernmost island in the world it turned out not to be an island, but a iceberg covered in dirt and gravelaccording to statements to the DPA agency.

Danish and Swiss scientists discovered the iceberg, which they believed to be an island, to the north greenland last year. Now it has been discovered that there is water under it.

Forsberg has indicated that none of all the alleged islands found since 1978 turned out to be a real island.

ice covered area

In 2022, a Swiss-Danish team named the alleged island — which measured 30 by 60 meters — after Qeqertaq Avannarleq, Greenlandic for “northernmost island”, and which is located about 800 meters from the island of Oodaaq. Oodaaq’s status as an island is now also in question.

The follow-up expedition ‘Leister Go North’ 2022 has visited in August this year the positions where they have been registered small islands over the years.

“We wanted to check once and for all if the coordinates were correct and if they were real islands. We discovered that they are not.” Forsberg has declared to the Danish portal Videnskab.dk.

“No one had done that before, as the area is permanently covered by two or three meters of sea ice,” added the scientist.


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