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The players of They have plenty of room to explore. Over there you will have some missions, collect ingredients and much more. So many activities would be a nightmare were it not for the interactive map. We are not referring to the map that you open in the middle of the game, but one that has been developing according to your progress.

Like any self-respecting open world massively multiplayer online, Features an interactive map system for easy access to locations, secret enemies, and searching for ingredients.

You don’t have to be inside to access the interactive map, because you can access it from the official website translated into Spanish. There you will see all the elements and filter them to only keep the most important for your mission. All tools are available on the left toolbar.

TOWER OF FANTASY | Interactive map

The interactive map of shows the bosses and world bosses, one of the activities that help the community to level up. You can also search for items like Gold Cores to buy whatever you like in the shop.

An important clarification is that the interactive map is not synchronized with the games of . The recommendation is to have the map open on a PC or some other medium. You can do it on the same smartphone you’re playing on, but the experience won’t be the best.

You can play on Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as on a computer. The video game is free.

TOWER OF FANTASY | How to find the ingredients

The ingredients of They are divided into spices, plants and animals. Each food source has its own method of obtaining. What’s more, just like scallops, there are specific areas you’ll need to visit in order to have the most exclusive items in your inventory.

Remember that, to cook in , the community must find the cauldrons or pots that are scattered throughout the stage. It is not so difficult to find them, so that is the most basic to know when you want and where to start cooking in the games.

Listen to Dale Play on . Follow the program every Monday on our available audio platforms.

Listen to Dale Play on . Follow the program every Monday on our available audio platforms.


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