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Ending the Bohemian Aberrant is one of the many things you can do on the Artificial Island of . This new space features its own side quests and main bosses. Of the total of five villains in the area, Bohemian Aberrant is one of them and here we explain how to find and defeat him.

Bohemian Aberrant is a level 64 enemy with high resistance, durability, and a highly effective attack that can easily destroy you if your defense is low. Bohemian Aberrant appears randomly in various places. Here we share the map so that you are prepared for the battle in .

In case you can’t find the Bohemian Aberrant on the Artificial Island, our advice is to try changing the server channels. Note that there is a 30 minute cooldown after changing the channel.

Another detail is that the angry, lazy and bohemian aberrants have the same drops (rewards) of material after being defeated. If things go well, you will get two Rockcore and an Institute Key Card.

If you need help to defeat it, because it is a considerable challenge, we share a video of the channel ZaFrostPet so you know what the best tactic is. Try to boost your teams so that the duel is not frustrating.

TOWER OF FANTASY | How to defeat Otto

You will need one or more ranged weapons to attack effectively. Also, you should use Grievous weapons against Otto as he is weak against them. Most of his attacks are ranged and you can easily dodge them.

However, there is an attack where he lunges at you, lifting you up into the air and throwing you. Watch out for these and keep attacking them from afar.

You can play on Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as on a computer. The video game is free.

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