Top 5 films, series and documentaries of Queen Elizabeth II

London bridge has fallen after 70 years at the head of the British Crown. The Queen isabel II of the United Kingdom died at the age of 96 and as part of a tribute towards what was such an important figure in history, and for those who do not fully know his enigmatic life, we leave you this top five of productions who talk about their Biography and the most important moments of it to understand it.

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Top 5 films, series and documentaries of Queen Elizabeth II

1 the queen

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the legendary actress Helen Mirren is the one who brings the Queen to life in this 2006 production. Directed by Stephen Frearsthis film narrates one of the most tragic moments that the crown has had to go through: the death of Diana of Wales. Before a people that showed national mourning, the royal family maintained a posture of indifference to what happened. It will be the Queen who decides to mourn Diana or not. Available isn Starzplay.

2 The King’s Speech

Winner of 4 Oscars, this biographical film directed by Tom Hopper, tells the story behind the famous speech of George VI which was broadcast on the radio after the abdication of the throne of his brother Edward VIII. In this film we know the childhood of Elizabeth who would become the future Queen of England. Available in hbo max.

3 A Royal Escape

In 1945 the victory day It is celebrated in Europe and London. The war is over and the world happily celebrates the defeat of the common enemy, Germany. In this hilarious comedy two young princesses, Elizabeth (Sarah Gadon) and Margaret (Bel Powley) live this celebration outside the Buckingham Palace surrounded by citizens and many adventures. Available in Amazon-Prime.

4 The Royal House of Windsor

This 2017 docuseries is available at Netflix, and narrates the secrets of survival of the members of the royal family in the face of crises and events that have lived through four generations. This production leads us to meet the Windsora dynasty that has been in power for a long time.

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5 The Crown

The Crown (2016-), is the series you must see to know the history of the royal family. This original production of Netflix We accompany Isabel through the most important moments of her life. In 1947 we began the wedding that united her in marriage with Philip, Duke of Edinburghhis coronation and, throughout four seasons, until the 1980s with the scandalous marriage of his son the Prince carlos Y Lady Diana Spencer.

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