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Don’t believe those tutorials that ask you to press and hold the screen or press with two fingers to remove the interface from . Instagram and other Meta applications do have this tool where if you hold your finger on the screen, the video will stop and all the surrounding options, such as comments, will disappear.

TikTok has a special tool for this case. Basically, if you are one of those who spends a lot of time in the application and usually weighs between video and video without reviewing the comments, you can use the “clear mode” either “ClearMode”.

Thanks to this tool, you can watch the videos without distractions, only the “add comment” tab will appear at the bottom and the emojis. However, the likes, comments, the profile and the follow button will disappear.

How to activate “Clear Mode” in TikTok?

Activating it is easier than you imagine. You won’t have to leave the video in question, or visit your profile, since the company’s objective is that you don’t interrupt your fun session.

Keep pressing the screen until the following menu is displayed. Different options will appear such as “Save video”, “Add to favorites”, “Clear mode” or “Report”.

You will need to press the third tool to temporarily clear the interface. If you want to return to the normal version of TikTok, you just need to press the button at the bottom right of the screen or press and hold once more.

How to activate “Clear Mode” in TikTok?  (Photo: capture)
How to activate “Clear Mode” in TikTok? (Photo: capture)
How to activate “Clear Mode” in TikTok?  (Photo: capture)
How to activate “Clear Mode” in TikTok? (Photo: capture)

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