Three things you have to do now to not get scared with money this fall

Ixone Diaz

In the international press, “the word that begins with r” is quoted with fear. They refer to recessionthat threat that in Spain is still a ghost, although we are warned here and there that we are going to suffer one of the autumns hardest in recent years. The geopolitical landscape is stubborn: the war About the Russian invasion of Ukraine it does not let up, and the peace talks that were in the news a few weeks ago have disappeared from the news. We have war inflation and rise of energy prices for a while.

Can take certain measures with respect to money in all its forms that allow us to acclimatize to uncertain months. And even introduce new consumption habits that contribute to that mythical sustainability that the 2030 agenda tells us so much about. The most complicated to assume, probably the most demanding for drivers, is dispense with the car to use public transportation. In fact, this is the best time to go to the train or the bus lineas many Spanish cities have implemented discounts on subscriptions.

The goal is to cut between 100 and 300 euros from the monthly budget

I wish public transport would cover all the transport needs of citizens, both in terms of routes and frequencies and quality of cabins. Without a doubt, switching to public transport entails sacrifices, sometimes in terms of comfort and time. For this reason, as long as the distances are manageable, the ideal would be swap the car for the bike, a normal healthy custom in northern Europe that, in Spain, would require much more investment in infrastructure. Many slopes? Too many kilometers? Let’s try a bike with an electric motor or a scooter. Why not?

For the rest, the usual advice from the experts most worried about an impending recession is the expenditure cut. Subscriptions, clothes, gym, taxis and lunches and dinners away from home are the first ones that usually fall off the agenda. The The goal is to cut between 100 and 300 fixed expenses from the monthly balance.

Monitor your spending and cut back on subscriptions, clothing, taxis, and meals out

The third urgent measure has to do with the shopping basketa game that does not stop increasing thanks to the inflation. What can we do about the daily purchase? Compare prices (yes, there is a big difference between some stores and others), use loyalty cards and buy locally, in food markets. The difference is evident.

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