This year we can subscribe to the iPhone. The company’s leasing system is coming, according to Gurman

Just now that we are waiting for the first orders from the iPhone 14, we have more news about Apple’s device leasing system. A service that would be integrated into AppleOne and that will allow us enjoy an iPhone or an iPad in exchange for paying a monthly fee.

A very, very flexible subscription

The latest news we have about this interesting service comes from Gurman who, in this sunday’s edition of its newsletter, states that this modality could arrive as soon as this year. Let us remember that it is the same Gurman who told us about this subscription service last March and, already at that time, he described the initiative as “the biggest boost to recurring sales”.

The truth is that the stability of a monthly fee in exchange for the use of a device is really interesting for Apple. For us, as users, depending on the rate, it can be really attractive. Currently, we have as a reference the prices of paying for an iPhone in 12 or 24 months, but since the iPhone under this improved Apple One would be owned by Apple and would be returned at the end of the subscription, with its consequent recovery of valuewe could be facing really interesting rates.

And not only interesting from a simply economic point of view, but also functional. Get an iPad during the holidays or with an Apple Watch only in summer when we exercise more are examples of the versatility that such a service offers.

With the new Apple One, the Cupertino company would join both Apple services and AppleCare, which by the way now includes unlimited repairs. According to Gurman “The company has talked about allowing users of the program exchange your devices for new models when new hardware comes out. Historically, it releases new versions of its major devices, including iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, once a year.”

According to Gurman, this program will arrive this year or next. In addition, apparently the reason for not having already launched it together with the iPhone 14 has been “reduce launch day complexityas it adds a whole new way to buy an iPhone.” We’ll see if we have any news at the rumored event this October.

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