This will be the Ioniq 5N a tire burning machine

is approaching the day D to Nthe preparation department extreme versions and sports of hyundai. In this case they are faced with a very special challenge; develop a preparation N from the ionic 5a very special challenge if we take into account that it will be the first electric vehicle that passes through his hands. This will be the Ioniq 5N.

This will be the Ioniq 5N, a machine

To begin with, we are talking about figures of really spectacular power. If we take as a reference to his brother the Kia EV6 GT we are on the border of the 585 horses.

But also if we qualify the recent declarations of Biermannresponsible for N, we go to the β€œ600 horses”. A number that, as he himself acknowledges, is not yet closed but that will move between the 580 horses of its sister model and the 620. One of the details that remain to be determined in the development of the model.

Ioniq 5N, in the hands of an expert

albert himself Biermannformer head of BMW’s M department, says that the Ioniq 5 N will be much faster and more powerful than the i30N, which delivers 280 horses. A figure that the new member of the family N will fold in the best case.

They remain to know a multitude of technical detailsit seems that it will have two electric motors and integral traction to be able to digest such a figure of power and torque. Data that at the moment are unknown. Just as his torque figurewhich promises to be a real outrage.

in full development

At the moment we have already been able to see numerous images of the prototypesome of them in the circuit of Nurburgringwhich has become the perfect test track for the vehicle.
The Ioniq 5N will be the first electric of the brand but not the only one, after him will come the Ioniq 6Nthe model that will accompany the 5 in the high performance range.
Albert Biermann has ensured that the development of these versions is becoming a real challenge for the brand. Not so much at the performance level, because with the power figure that they homologate they are assured, as for the sensations and the fine-tuning that these radical preparations must offer. That is precisely what they are waiting for. buyers of these types of cars.

The CEO of N has also revealed that the new Ioniq 5 N will have a specific mode for ‘skid‘something unusual among electricians. And that will be absolutely brutal if we take into account the torque figure. with the mode drift activated the torque distributor will send a figure massive power to the rear tiresso imagine what can happen.

This will be the Ioniq 5N, all-wheel drive

Another challenge is transmit effectively that number of power to the ground, for which integral traction is required. In fact Nurburgring it is being the perfect test track to evolve, as he himself says, β€œit is not a problem of speed. We talk about fun and the size of the driver’s smile.

With this statement of intent it is easy to determine where the tuning of the Ioniq 5. Biermann has come to speak of the sound as one of the priorities of the set-up.

It is about knowing how to choose the soundtrack suitable for a high-performance vehicle like this one. In fact, Biermann has confirmed that they are in full model loudness development.

It’s not about mock the sound of an electric car, but it is about creating a new sound world that accompanies one of the sportiest cars that exist while driving, all naturally.
In the mechanical section, the firm talks about a fine-tuning of the brakesnow more powerful, the suspension which will be adjustable as well as the tires… All essential elements in the good work of this preparation.

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