This is the line of succession to the throne of England after the death of Queen Elizabeth II

On September 8, 2022, it will be marked forever in the history of the United Kingdom, after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. With his sad loss, the United Kingdom has put an end to an incomparable myth in universal history, and that has led to the ascent to the throne of Prince Charles, who, at 73 years of age, has ascended to the throne to start his reign under the name of Carlos III. It is expected that this Friday he will give his first public speech.

With his arrival to the throne, the position of the heirs in the British Crown is modified. Carlos III is already the new king and his wife, the hitherto Duchess of Cornwall, will be known as ‘Queen Camilla’, a request from Elizabeth II herself, who tried to achieve a consolidation around the monarchy, fearful that her son’s accession to the throne could be a breakup of the consensus favorable to the Royal House on the part of the British.

Carlos III being officially the new king, now everything changes. The direct heir to the Crown It is already Prince William, son of the king and grandson of the late queen, whom many saw as the preferred candidate to succeed Elizabeth II. His marriage to Kate Middelton reignited the passion of the British for having a new dear kingsomething that had been lost after the death of the beloved ‘princess of the people’, Diana of Wales, in 1997.

Who are the new heirs after Guillermo?

Prince William is already the official heir to the British Crown and, when his father abdicates or dies, he will be the new king. Guillermo, 40, is the new heir, butwho are behind him? Although his father has three brothers, none of them will succeed him, since the monarchy establishes that they must be the son of the king, in this case, and later, the sons of the heir, who take over from the Crown.

Therefore, after Prince William, will be his son George, nine years old, the second in the line of succession, only behind his father. Behind him, in third place, is his middle sister, Princess Charlotte, who is seven years old. In last place is the youngest of the children of Prince William and Kate Middelton, Luis, who, at four years of age, would be fourth in the line of succession to the throne of England.

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