this is the fitness, yoga and running training app for all levels of the Inditex firm

If getting in shape is on your ‘to do list’ of this course but you do not have much time and the gym does not convince you, a sports application can be your best ally. Oysho Training is the new project Inditex, the brand’s first training app. This free app has a very interesting program of activities of all kinds, with which you can practice exercises yoga, ‘fitness’ or ‘running’ without the need for a personal trainer.

The app contains more than 300 sessions of different levels, perfect for designing a training plan adapted to each of its users. These trainings are condensed into videos of between 10 and 45 minuteswhich we can see from anywhere to practice sports when it suits us best.

The protagonists of these sessions are the trainers, who show their exercises and tricks to the camera. We have spoken with one of them, Tammy Iban, to tell us more about the new Oysho project. Tamara is not only a sports monitor; she is also the CEO and founder of Clandestine Mood, an ‘only members’ female clandestine training community that is succeeding in networks.

An app that adapts to each one of us

To create a routine adapted to your needs, the application offers you, from the beginning, a questionnaire. How often do you play sports, what disciplines do you want to practice or what do you consider to be your level These are some of the main questions, aimed at creating a personalized app for each user.

Thanks to this information, the application gets design a training plan adapted to each need and interest, filtering by duration, type of sport and intensity. “Even a person who has never done sports can use it”says the coach. “You can start with over 50 beginner workouts and then little by little opting for other classes”.

In addition, the application offers virtual reality tutorials to discover new workouts or to perfect those already known. “There are certain specific sessions to learn how to do the movements, in five minutes we teach you how to do a posture correctly”, Tammy tells.

Anytime, anywhere

“It’s a nice way to have the gym in your pocket,” Tammy explains of Oysho Training. You can download it at mobile, tablet, smartwatch and even connect it to the TV with AirPlay or Chromecast. The possibilities are endless.

In addition, the short duration of the training allows you to fit them into any free time of our day. “Everyone has 5 minutes or half an hour to dedicate to the most valuable thing we have, our body, our temple”reflects the coach.

Although the Oysho app gives us the opportunity to exercise on our own, the ‘trainer’ emphasizes the value of exercising with other people. “I would complement it with some kind of community sport, like we do in Clandestine Mood. Playing sports is a nice way to interact with people who have your same values ​​and your same interests and with our events we promote that”.

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