this is the controversial novelty that reaches some users

In case of WhatsApp It is very curious. In countries like the US, it’s just another messaging app, while in others like Spain it’s the preferred choice for most users.

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But no country loves WhatsApp more than India, where it is the default method of communication for millions and millions of people; to the point where other services have no choice but to surrender to their dominance.

whatsapp on twitter

That is exactly what has happened on Twitter, where it is already possible to find a WhatsApp icon directly in the application and the website of the social network. In effect, Twitter is promoting the app of a ‘rival’, Facebook, simply because it is the most used app and it suits them.

The novelty is quite simple. It is a new WhatsApp icon that now appears as a substitute for the share button; After all, if you have WhatsApp, why do you need other apps? Or at least, that seems to be the logic of this change.

The button works exactly the same as the basic share button, except that it allows us to send the tweet via WhatsApp to any of our contacts. It does not open a special menu, but only opens the WhatsApp app and allows us to select who we want to send the tweet to.

The WhatsApp button for now only appears on Twitter if we visit from India, and the decision has been met with criticism but also with some praise. On the one hand, many wonder if this change makes sense, considering that the share button already offers us the possibility of sending the tweet via WhatsApp; this button just removes the need for a tap, but otherwise the experience is identical.

It would have been very different if Twitter had integrated WhatsApp directly into the platform, allowing us to send messages without opening the app, but that would surely be too much for the company. In fact, users who are happy about this change say they want more integration, for example, allowing us to automatically publish WhatsApp statuses as new tweets.

This is perhaps the strangest change yet on Twitter, and it’s unlikely to make it to other markets, though for now, the company hasn’t clarified it.

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