this is the controversial basket of 30 basic Carrefour products

Carrefour released this Monday definitive list of products of your basic basket which can be purchased with a top price of 30 euros until January 8, 2023 and in which the absence of milk, olive oil, eggs, legumes, fresh fruits, meat and fish stands out.

The Carrefour campaign, launched with the aim that citizens can save every time they make their purchase, therefore excludes some of the products that have become more expensive in annual terms: oils and fats (+28.6%), milk (+22.6%), eggs (+22.5%), bird meat (+16.3%), fresh legumes and vegetables (+15.5%) and fresh fruits (+15.1%).

Yes, there is sunflower oil, vegetable pasta spirals, wheat flour, chicken broth, canned tuna in sunflower oil, meatballs in sauce, orange, lemon and carrot juice and sliced ​​bread.

Although there is no milk, some breakfast basics are included, such as ground coffee, Maria cookies, oat flakes and corn cereals.

There are also flavor indulgence products, such as white chocolate, lemon tea, peach jam and hamburger buns.

The list is completed, in relation to food, offers of sea salt; canned peas, canned sweet corn, jarred piquillo peppers; canned mushrooms and white wine vinegar.

Apart from food products, the basket It also has hygiene and cleaning supplies.such as dishwasher, detergent, bleach, window cleaner, toothpaste, compresses, shower gel and toilet paper.

All the products in the basket are Carrefour’s own brand and the company ensures that they are “products present in any pantry” and guarantees that “They are offered at the lowest price on the market.”

In total, the purchase of all of them adds up to 30 euros, but it is also possible to purchase them separately.

Carrefour carried out a similar measure in France and in Spain it is part of the initiative of the Vice President of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, to agree with distribution companies on a price cap for basic products so that citizens can cushion the growing inflation.


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