This is the Canarian word that has been impossible to translate in the series ‘Hierro’

If there is a Spanish production that has achieved place to the Canary Island of El Hierro in the national spotlight that has been, without a doubt, Ironfrom Movistar +.

Starring the Spanish actress Candela Pena, Dario Grandinetti and other well-known actors from Gran Canaria such as Luisfer Rodríguez, Maykol Hernández or Yaiza Guimaréthe successful series of the Spanish audiovisual platform has stood out, among other things, for value the Canarian lexicon in several episodes of the famous production.

The series not only enjoys the approval of critics and public in Spainbut has also become a great success in other parts of the worldor like France, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands or Mexico among others.

As usual, depending on the country in which a series is going to be broadcast, it is always usually translated into the original language of each country, so that if they don’t want to use subtitles, they can listen to it in their mother tongue. Nevertheless, the big problem that the translators have come across is that there is a Canarian word for which they cannot find a translation in any language.

In fact, the headache has been so great that It has been decided that this famous Canarian expression that is on everyone’s lips stay as it is.

Long live the ‘machango’

As explained to the Being Chain one of the actors of the series and the person in charge of using this word, Norbert Trujillothe use of the word ‘machango’ during the recording of the series was fruit of improvisation and, due to the authenticity and charisma that the word gives off, it was decided not to translate it.

“When the series begins to be released in other countries dubbed, obviously, in each country the very local insults are translated, using an equivalent word. However, there is the curious case that the word ‘machango’ survives dubbing”explains Trujillo for the aforementioned radio.

In addition, the Canarian interpreter has indicated that if his filming partner, Candela Peña, does not get to ask what the meaning of the word is, it would have disappeared. “During the improvisation, Candela asked me what the word ‘machango’ means. If she didn’t ask me that during the improvisation, the word would not have survived”he explained.


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