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When you talk about automotive safety we have some well-recorded beliefs, such as that Volvos are the safest and that chinese cars they are not that sturdy. The latter have been progressing more and more, especially those brands that are reaching many countries. As proof of this the Euro NCAP acknowledges the work of several brands and a couple of models in particular that they recently tested.

Pray Funky Cat

The Pray Funky Cat It is a car with a very youthful style and whose brand belongs to the Great Wall Motors conglomerate, they themselves are the ones that are producing a kind of electric with all the aesthetics of the famous voice and in a four-door format.

ORA Funky Cat

The Funky Cat is a product that has not arrived in Europe much and according to its construction, a good structure, active and passive assistance, it managed to obtain a five-star rating from Euro NCAP, a rating that is not very easy. to achieve due to the number of requirements and type of tests to which it is subjected.

The Funky Cat achieved a rating of 92% in adult occupant protection83% in child occupant protection, 74% in tests with vulnerable road users (pedestrians and cyclists), and 93% in security assistance.

WEY Coffee 01

WEY is a premium cut brand also of Chinese origin and belonging to Great Wall Motors. One of their newest products is the Coffee 01an SUV that also underwent the same tests and obtained the following results: 91% adult occupant protection87% child occupant protection, 79% in tests with vulnerable road users and 94% in security assistance.

WEY Coffee 01

When the results were presented, Michiel Van Ratingen, Secretary General of Euro NCAP, said that over time they have seen good results from some Chinese brands in these tests, as well as some very poor results. He later added and confirmed that this 2022 the Euro NCAP will test more Chinese cars than in any previous year and that the work shown by Great Wall Motors with its latest products is a good standard to be followed by other brands in that country.

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