This is how a Russian Su-25 fighter crashes after taking off from a base in Crimea

A video showing how a Russian Su-25 plane crashes shortly after taking off has gone viral and has highlighted the problems suffered by the armed forces of this country, since the fighter falls due to technical problems, as it does not receive any attack. When the two apparatuses rotate, one of them seems to lose control and falls to the ground. The camera briefly pans to the ground, but when the planes come back into view, one of them can be seen hitting the ground and causing a huge explosion.

There are many possible explanations for why the plane failed, including the possibility that aircraft maintenance is failing, although, according to the Israel News website, tIt is also possible that the pilot banked too much, lost speed and stalled. This last explanation is likely, since the plane stopped emitting smoke when turning, indicating that the plane’s engine was not running.


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