This has been the premiere of the new anthem of Great Britain at a sporting event

The death of Isabel II and access to the throne Charles III involves many changes that the British will have to get used to little by little, after 70 years of reign.

One of those changes is in the letter of the great britain anthem For the past seven decades, at sporting events involving Great Britain (or England, depending on the sport), it sounded god save the queennamely, God save the Queen.

But now, with Carlos III on the throne, it is sung god save the kingthat is, God save the king. And this old/new version It has already premiered at an official sporting event.

It happened this Saturday in a packed The Oval, one of the two great stadiums of cricket in London, where the teams from England Y South Africa.

Before the start of the match, as is traditional, the two anthems were played and the one for England was sung by the soprano Laura Wrightwhich has changed the word What in by King Y her by him.

The soprano was accompanied in the song by the English players, who wore black bangles for the queen’s death, and the audience, who was excitedly watching the renewed version of her anthem, which closed with applause.


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