This gesture of Carlos III with one of his subjects bitter his proclamation as king

If all the British royal family goes through a severe scrutiny of their actions in the face of the public, this control becomes even more severe and critical when someone reaches the status of king, even more so if they take the witness of a person who has been in charge of that institution for seven decades and which has earned popular affection for its rigor and discretion, as was the case with the queen Elizabeth II of England.

He has known that since the very day he was officially proclaimed monarch of the United Kingdom, king charles iii. And all as a result of a reaction, almost like a reflex action, which has quickly gone viral on social networks and has outraged many of the Internet users in the act of official proclamation as sovereign of the monarchy British.

The action that has generated so much controversy has been a gesture that King Carlos III has had with one of his minions: demanding disdainfully to remove the inkwell from the table with which the monarch wets the pen with which he is going to sign the proclamation as leader of the highest British institution.

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An act that is surely protocol in an institution where the separation between the royal family and subjects, and also each one of the actions of each individual that belongs to the royal house, is totally normalized, but that in the eyes of the people demonstrates a social haughtiness palmaria by treating the service in an unseemly manner.

This gesture has not gone unnoticed on social networks, which have questioned the monarch’s attitude. Repeatedly demanding a function that in any other type of situation the same person who demands it could perfectly do, can generate a negative image of the person who does it. but, on the other hand, we must bear in mind that in an institution as strict, detailed and gridded as the British monarchy, this elitism is assumed as part of the protocol.


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