They rape and kill two minors of the caste of the untouchables

A new case of violence against women in the Indiain this case the gang rape and murder of two underage sisters belonging to the lowest caste, has provoked stupor and protests.

The police have arrested six young charged with rape, murder by strangulation and then hang on a tree, to make it look like suicideto the two sisters, belonging to the community dalit or untouchablethe lowest rung of the Hindu caste system.

The bodies were found in the Lajimpur Jeri district, in the state of Uttar Pradeshnorth of the country.

In social networks, a video of the corpses hanging from the neck with a dupatta or red scarf. The sisters were hung together, dressed in the traditional Kurta India, reports Efe.

Lakhimpur Kheri Police Superintendent, Sanjiv Sumanexplained at a press conference that a friend of the young women introduced them to three other boys who, after taking them to the field on their motorcycles, raped them.

“First they were forced to have sex against their will,” Suman said. The sisters told them they would have to marry them, to save their honor, sparking an argument that led to the murder, according to the superintendent.

One of the detainees tried to flee and was injured in the leg. The authorities do notor have identified the accused as members of a particular caste or religionto avoid violent incidents.

Protests and demands for the death penalty

The incident has sparked protests in the area. Relatives, neighbors and relatives have demanded justice from the Police and that the death penalty to the accused.

All we want is the death penalty for the accused, that’s all,” the brother of the victims told the Indian news agency ANI.

Chandra Shechar Aazadactivist and community representative dalithas blamed the Police for not protecting the women.

The well-known former head of the regional government, Mayawati, has criticized the new government leadership. “Criminals in Uttar Pradesh are not afraid because the government’s priorities are wrong,” Mayawati stressed, according to Efe.

In 2014 there was a similar crime in Badaun, also in Uttar Pradesh. two cousins dalits They were found hanging from a tree. Upper caste neighbors were accused of gang raping them, murdering them and then hanging them to make it look like suicide. The much-criticized subsequent investigation did not confirm the facts.

ten rapes a day

The hindu caste systemwhich is still applied in rural India, divides society by birth into four large groups, in order of religious “purity”: brahminyes (priests), shatriyas (Warriors), vaisyas (traders) and you sweat (servants), which in turn are subdivided into hundreds of subcastes.

At the bottom of that system are the dalitsoutcasts untouchables, considered impure who carry out the most arduous work. According to the 2011 census, in India there are about 200 million dalits16.6% of the population.

In 2021 they were registered in India 3,889 rapes of untouchable womenwhich is 10 rapes a day, according to data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

Organizations such as the Network of Human Rights Defenders of the Dalit warn that there are many morebecause pressure from higher castes or from the Police itself prevents the victim from denouncing the rape.


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